New Haiku Blog - Haiku from German Tongues | Nowy blog niemieckojęzycznych haiku w języku angielskim

"To show the width of haiku from German tongues to an international audience, Heike Stehr and Ralf Bröker [...]"

just have started a new haiku blog entitled: Haiku from German Tongues.

"Many authors write haiku in German, some of them publish world wide. But there seems to be no place to get an overview of this community in English. This is why this blog would like to present haiku in English from authors, who come from a German speaking origin."
"Selected entries will be published here every two weeks."

Great news, indeed.
Through this blog, non-German speaking haiku readers would given opportunity to get aquinated with this very important part of the world of haiku.
At their best, Goethe-language haiku represent a greenhouse of great ideas and poetic visions, which is why many haiku writers find them as a specific zone for their artistic searching.
Undoubtedly, Haiku from German Tongues will be a site that let us, not mastered with German, to extend our own haiku field, it will be a real germ for our inspiration.

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