2011 International Tokutomi Haiku Contest - results

2011 International Tokutomi Haiku Contest


I'm very pleased to announce the following recent honors:

2011 International Tokutomi Haiku Contest --judges: Toru Kiuchi, Japan; Kris Moon, Japan. This contest is for English language haiku written in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Each poem is required to contain one season word/phrase from an assigned list. Sponsored by the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society [http://youngleaves.org].
First Prize:

the familiar cough
of the neighbor's old Chevy
winter solitude

Third Prize :

finding her letter
in his old leather jacket
winter solitude

2nd Honorable Mention (2):

snuffing out candles
just for the joy of their scent
winter solitude

new year's confetti
..... the accordion player
.......... leans back on his heels
[source: kiku makura - Billie Dee's haiku blog]

In other place I've found also this:

The conference was an absolute blast. Saturday night we got the results of the Tokutomi Haiku Contest that the society held this spring, which was judged by two haiku masters in Japan. People from all over the world entered the contest, and my haiku won third prize in! Here is it is:
persimmon fabric 
folded in tissue paper 
Mother's kimono
[source: Back From the Conference! September 12, 2011 http://sophisty.polyvore.com/]

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