A new online journal of haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry: Multiverses | Nowy internetowy magazyn poświęcony haiku i innym japońskim formom poetyckim: Multiverses

Wishing the editorial crew of Multiverses all the best for your many, many years on the Web!
Hello everyone,

It is my honor to announce the launch of Multiverses, a new online journal dedicated to publishing modern English haiku and related forms of Japanese poetry, as well as to make an initial call for submissions for our first issue (due out in Spring of 2012). From our editorial statement:

"Each moment of our lives is a haiku waiting to happen. The unique way in which we experience these moments creates an authentic and personal reality known only to ourselves—our own little universe, so to speak. Yet we are all part of the same sum. By sharing our individual experiences and observations, we gain perspective and insight into the world of others, therefore becoming better attuned and more intimate with our own. It is with this idea in mind that Multiverses happened into existence."

We are so excited and pleased to have an incredible team of editors, including:

Paul Smith, Tanka Editor
Melissa Allen, Haibun Editor
Alexis Rotella, Haiga Editor
Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Features Editor

Please feel free to share this post and spread the word about our launch. For more information about Multiverses, including details on submitting your work (deadline for our inaugural issue is February 15!), please visit www.multiversesjournal.com. We're all looking forward to reading your work!

John Hawk
Founder, Haiku Editor
 [source: http://2tongues.blogspot.com/p/multiverse-new-haiku-pub.html]

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