The inaugural issue of Multiverses

The inaugural issue of Multiverses: a journal of haiku and related form is alive!


a word from the editor

First and foremost, I owe each and every one of you who submitted, had work accepted or have been looking forward to the first issue of this journal a very substantial apology and, to some extent, an explanation.

I originally hoped to publish Multiverses 1.1 on March 21, which is now exactly three months ago to the day. In the weeks leading up to that initial release date, events took place in my life that not only made working on the issue nearly impossible, but also put haiku, poetry, and all other pursuits of pleasure, interest and curiosity far from my mind. (If you wish to know more, please send me an email at johnhawkpoetry@gmail.com.)

Without proper resources of time and computer access to fully complete the layout of the issue, and being unable in good conscious to delay the issue any further, I have decided to publish our inaugural issue—in its entirety—with the haiku section consisting of a PDF of accepted poems. The other sections have been completed, and I hope you enjoy the look and feel of our online journal. I plan to layout the haiku section in due time, but I believe the poems themselves are vivid and exceptional enough to stand on their own without placement within our website design. I hope you feel the same.

I want especially to thank my fellow editors for their incredible support and unending patience through this difficult time, and to also thank all who queried and messaged to check on my status as well as the journal’s. More information will come shortly regarding the future of Multiverses, as no decisions have been made going forward.

So without further delay: Fellow enthusiasts of haiku and its related forms, I apologize for the lengthy wait, but am extremely proud to present to you the first issue of Multiverses.

                                                                           John Hawk
                                                                              Founding Editor                                                        

Congratulations for all editors!

 Enjoyment for the readers!

The inaugural issue of Multiverses 1.1. 2012

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